They say money can't buy happiness... Well, now it can!

What We Do

Have you been told your entire life that happiness is not something that can be bought, that no amount of money in the world can make you happy? Well for years, this was true - until now.

We here at have created an innovative solution that allows you to purchase your own high quality, real happiness apparently. Our product is hand-crafted, pure, organic, and 100% natural. We are the first and currently the only producer of happiness we think, so you cannot get such amazing quality anywhere else.

Before we came along, people tried to obtain happiness in two ways: indirectly by purchasing material possessions through third party vendors or by a lifetime of reflection and sacrifice. Unfortunately, purchasing material possessions did not work and left people frustrated, confused, and full of useless material objects. A lifetime of reflection was also usually ineffective and extremely difficult. We have solved this problem by eliminating those annoying third-party vendors, cutting out the middlemen, removing the lifetime of difficulty, and shipping only the best happiness directly to your door.

If you are tired of filling the empty void in your soul with material possessions, then take control of your life and buy our happiness today! For just $9.99, we will mail you your order of pure happiness, along with the following bonus items:

Certificate of Happiness

Personalized Letter from CEO

So join us! Protect your wallet and your soul and buy some happiness today!

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Who We Are

Our History and Mission
We are the global leader in happiness research and production.

Founded in August 2015 by visionary Stephen Condwayanno, started out small, but has rapidly grown into the company we are today. We are a fictionally held enterprise that has received multiple rounds of VC funding from some of business' biggest players.

Our company has one mission: to deliver pure happiness quickly, cheaply and easily to people's doors. After months of diligent research, we have discovered a way to do just that.

Our inclusive corporate culture and community outreach initiatives have also cemented us as one of the most ethical companies in America. Recently voted America's Most Intriguing New Startup of 2016 by Fictional Business Magazine, is on path to become one of the world's most impactful companies.

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